Our Founders

Chef Anthony Joshua, Founder of A&M Foods




I grew up with Nani, my late grandmother, cooking for the family. You can say she was my biggest influence in paving the way to my studies and successful career in the culinary arts.


She was a wiz in the kitchen, constantly cooking and baking for our family and friends. Her Mee Siam, Beef Rendang, Assam Pedas, Poh Piah and Lontong were legendary. Besides cooking our meals, she was always whipping up new recipes. I enjoyed her cookies and cakes but I preferred her savoury dishes.

Of all her dishes, her porkchop in tomato sauce and chicken pie was my favourite.


I began observing Nani cooking when I was four while being a ‘kaypoh’ ( busy body) in the kitchen. She was very patient with me. When I was five years old, I made my first soup – mixing a can of Campbell mushroom soup with milk and water.  At 10 years old, I baked my first pound cake using Nani’s recipe. One valuable tip Nani drummed permanently into my head was to sift the flour three times. Watching my mother cooking instant noodles, I experimented with instant noodles trying out varying amounts of water. I once tested out the different water levels four times in a day just to get the perfect ratio! Cooking was more than satisfying the palate for me, it became a science and an art.


At St Patrick’s secondary School, I excelled in Food & Nutrition. Inspired by the food programs on Cable TV, I created my own recipe for grilled salmon served on pomme puree with lemon tarragon cream sauce for my first practical exam at secondary 1.


I decided to develop my culinary skills on a professional level by enrolling for a diploma in Western Culinary Arts at SHATEC. While doing my internship at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore, I was exposed to fine dining and buffet operations. I thrived on the fast pace, constant pressure and aggression in a professional kitchen. After my National Service, I returned to the Mandarin Oriental as a full-time chef and worked in the Banquet kitchen catering to events such as Morgan Stanley's Annual Asia Pacific Summit, the Singapore Air Show, Inter Milan Football team and high profile government events.


I was also fortunate to work with four visiting Michelin-star chefs- Chef Raphael Duntoye of Restaurant La Petite Maison, London, Chef Yusuke Takada of Restaurant La Cime, Japan, Chef Richie Lin of Restaurant Mume, Taipei and Chef Jarno Eggen of Restaurant De Groene Lantaarn, Netherlands.  


I enjoy experimenting recipes with Asian and Western flavours without compromising the integrity of the cuisine and the products. You can see this in the recipes for this website. I hope you will enjoy cooking the dishes as much as I have in creating them.  


Anthony Joshua Oh graduated from SHATEC (Singapore Hotel Association Training & Educational Centre) with a Diploma in Western Culinary Arts in 2017. He is now in his final year student at the Culinary Institute of America, Singapore campus, for the Bachelor of Business Administration in Food Business Management (Culinary Arts) and will graduate in September 2022.


Mark Ravinpal Williams, Co-Founder of A&M Foods


I'm an avid foodie. Some of my favourite cuisines are Spanish, Italian and Indian, but the cuisine that I love the most is Asian, especially in Singapore. Going to a hawker centre and choosing from a vast variety of foods from different cultures is something I look forward to. I could have a prata or thosai one day, and a laksa, ayam penyet or satay the next. The possibilities are endless!


My favourite dish is char siew roast pork rice – this dish holds a very special place in my heart.  Whenever my grandad  fetched me home from secondary school, I would always come home to a solid plate of char siew roast pork rice with extra meat. From the first bite, I instantly knew that this would be my favourite dish. The sweetness of the char siew mixed with the savoury flavours of the roast pork, mixed with the rice and gravy is just beyond words. Every time I have this dish, it takes me back to secondary school days where I had some of the best times of my life.


Coming from a Punjabi background, my favourite cuisine to cook is Indian food such as dahl and curries. Dinner is usually roti (chapati) with dahl and chicken masala. I don’t have a huge arsenal of culinary skills but it does not stop me from trying out new dishes. As my great friend Joshua always says "you don’t need to be a professional chef to cook good food. Cooking comes from the heart, not the brain."


I don’t bake much but when I do, I love baking cookies. Baking just feels so therapeutic for me.  It relieves stress and is great fun when you're doing it with family and friends. (And I’m a sucker for cookies).


Watching Masterchef Australia spurred my interest in food and cooking. Seeing home cooks, with no formal training, creating stunning restaurant-quality dishes greatly inspired me to start learning the basics of cooking.


My culinary idol is Gordon Ramsey, I just love watching him do what he does best on his shows such as Kitchen Nightmare, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell and many more.  Watching him screaming at contestants or restaurant owners is fun to watch.  Seeing his passion teaching people to cook in his shows and instructional videos makes me want to jump out of my couch to try out the dishes!


Like me, I hope the products on this site will inspire you to create delicious dishes too.


Mark Ravinpal Williams graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Clean Energy in 2020. He is currently waiting for enrolment into the Singapore Institute of Technology to pursue the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Marine Engineering course in 2023.